My Thoughts about this Worldwide Deadly Pandemic

Millions of lives have been lost due to this deadly virus, but medical staff should be appreciated once this pandemic is over.

Coronavirus has changed the entire world, not just economically, but basically how we have to adjust our own lives due to this pandemic. Restaurants and bars had to be shutdown and alter their business to take out and delivery only, however several restaurants decided to close permanently. Once that order was enacted, I was like ok I won’t be able to socialize or dine at my favorite bars or restaurants. Since I live in Portland, Oregon, our Governor Kate Brown enacted the “Stay at Home and Stay Alive” order into effect during the month of March. However, she mentioned that outdoor exercises are beneficial for our healths as long as we maintain six feet away from people. We are able to buy groceries and do other things, however non-essential businesses had to close. Since this “Stay at Home and Stay Alive” order was enacted, I had to alter my life, i.e. go to work, go home, eat, watch movies, take an online photography class through PCC and buy groceries for my parents/writing tutor sometimes.

I feel for all of the students that aren’t able to attend class at their favorite schools on a daily basis and have to do online school through Zoom. I believe graduation will be dramatically different for lots of seniors that are going to enter into high school, college or just be finished with school period. I’m just glad that I graduated from high school, PCC and PSU way before this whole coronavirus pandemic even started last December. My hats goes off to all of the hardworking teachers that have to alter the way they teach their students and present course material in a virtual classroom. Life won’t be the same for these hardworking students until this whole pandemic is over and then these students can do whatever with their best friends.

My heart goes out to the hundreds and thousands of people that have lost their lives to this deadly virus. I also have to give a huge thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and other medical staff that have given their lives to take care of the people that have tested positive for coronavirus. I have seen videos of nurses crying because the only thing that they have seen is just people dying, which is very painful and very emotional to basically watch.

When I heard that Asian Americans were being attacked by Caucasians just because the Caucasians believed they were being held responsible for bringing the coronavirus into American soil, I felt extremely disgusted. I saw multiple reports of Asian Americans being beaten by Caucasians all around the U.S. in multiple ways and I was like this type of madness has to end. They also mentioned, “Go back to your country” and other racist remarks. I just felt like this time in American history was becoming like how the Caucasians racially discriminated against the Asian Americans back in the old days. I heard on the radio and there was a radio host who said that Asians are responsible for bringing the coronavirus onto American soil and labeled the virus as the “Chinese virus”.

Since we aren’t able to meet in-person or engage ourselves in large gatherings, I had to adapt myself into online conferencing like Zoom. I was unaware of Zoom until I had to chat with my church friends for a fellowship meeting all online. I guess I have to adapt to this new norm since the aspect of social distancing has been engrained into people’s mind to keep themselves safe from catching the coronavirus. Engaging with my church friends every Sunday and every other Friday has been normal and I’m able to provide my own feedback based on whatever topic is assigned. I’m just waiting for the chance to finally have the opportunity to socialize with the outside world once again, however I’ll continue meeting with my friends, family and church group on Zoom.

Earlier this year on a Saturday as the entire world was under a shutdown order, well-known musicians like Lady Gaga, Hozier, Ellie Goulding, etc were involved in an online music event called, “One World:Together at Home”. It was so entertaining to watch all of these professional and well-known artists sing uplifting songs for people that are stuck at home (students, families and non-essential workers). I was able to see legendary musicians like The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, etc perform songs online from their own studios. I truly believe that since we are stuck at home music can be a healing medicine during hard times like this in our lives, but I believe we will all be with our loved ones again.

What I really don’t get is how millions of people are trying to define the governor’s mandated mask order that has come into effect recently. When I go grocery shopping at Winco Foods or just buying some take out food at a restaurant, there are people not wearing a mask. I’m like they really don’t care if they get the virus or end up bounded in a hospital just to get cured. I tend to abide by the laws that are given by the governor to keep myself safe and prove that I care for the health of others, including my family and friends.

Recently in Kenosha, Wisconsin, an African American known as Jacob Blake was with his wife and kids just doing their thing. However, gun violence and police brutality had to come to his family in a very bad timing in his life. Blake was going back and a police officer had the audacity to shoot him 7 times in the back with his own gun. Now I really don’t know what was happening before this horrific act of police brutality and what led the police to act like the way he did. Once this illegal act of violence ended, Blake was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced to be paralyzed from the waist down. Blake could have died from being shot 7 times, but God gave him a second chance at life. However, the doctors and nurses told him that he is paralyzed from the waist down, which has got to ruin his well-being and his future after this horrific event. During a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there was a 17-year old teenager with an assault rifle that gunned down two protestors. What gives him the right to come from his hometown to the city of Kenosha and shoot two protestors who were peacefully protesting for Jacob Blake’s life? I really want the police officer that shot Blake in the back 7 times to be fired and arrested for what he did to him and his entire family because that is totally unacceptable/unconstitutional.

I am fortunate enough to be working during this very emotional, heartbreaking and tough time in American history. I can understand the pain that every employee has to undergo when it comes to closing their doors to their favorite customers and possibly new customers that want to experience their cuisine. I also feel sorry for the hundreds and thousands of people that got laid off and/or furlough from their employer, but I hope they were able to receive the stimulus checks for some extra financial support. Since I’m working at my previous job, I was offered the opportunity to design a mock up sample of a take out paper bag that was designed for delivery or to go purposes for restaurants. The bag was designed for customers that called in an order of food at a restaurant or getting to go and the bag would fit multiple food containers instead of having one useless bag that won’t be able to fit everything. Once the mock-up sample was completed, my boss sent the sample design to a factory in Taiwan to be designed and then sent back to my boss so the bag can be sold to restaurants/businesses. I’m very lucky to be offered this opportunity and glad that lots of restaurant owners were highly satisfied by the design and functionality of the bag for their restaurant. See there is something good that can come out during this hard time in our lives instead of being depressed about little things in life.

I wish you all stay safe during this rough time and we will be back with our family, friends and loved ones again!